The Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are generally marketed during wedding occasions to expose the art of making cakes to everyone present. Being the center of attraction in all wedding receptions, there are a number of designs to grace every wedding occasion. One of the best parts is the color of the wedding cake, mostly white, or cream, and could also be a mixture of both. White color wedding cakes symbolizes virginity and purity. Even though it has become boring to some people, it happens to be the color for the traditional wedding cakes. It can also be coated with marzipan, whip cream or fondant, to give it a more attractive appearance. It is believed that wedding cakes brings good luck to the couple. For this simple reason, everyone wants a cake for their wedding.6051237667_2b86d6352d_b

Wedding cakes are made in layers of about five stakes or more, and these days they even come with an image of the couple on the top layer called topper. A topper is meant to show the unity of the couple. Some of the themes used for making wedding cakes are:

  • Classic theme
  • Romantic theme
  • Modern theme
  • Rustic theme
  • Chic theme
  • Unique theme

Wedding cakes are usually bigger in size than most other cakes. Some people have really taken it to an extreme level. The world record for largest wedding cake that has ever been made was somewhere around 6.8 tons. Though, that cannot be classified as a regular cake, as such cakes are made on special demands. Prices of wedding cakes vary according to requirements.

Most interestingly, different cultures have adapted wedding cakes and recipes to their own cultures and traditions like the following examples:

  • South American wedding Cake (known as the “groom’s cake”)
  • Scandinavian Wedding Cake (Known as “kransekake”)
  • French wedding Cake (known as “croquenbouche”)

There are also wedding cakes that are made entirely out of icing sugar like the French icinton. Nowadays, even sprinkle cakes and cupcakes are used in weddings, sometimes to cut down costs.