The Cup Cakes

The cupcake or fairy cake as it is known by some is not the oldest kind of cake, but dates back to the 17th century. They are baked in a cup-like vessel, about the size of a teacup; the vessel could be a glass jar, thin paper or an aluminum cup, so cupcakes were named after this procedure. Each cupcake is made to serve one person, though they are usually made in large numbers for special occasions. Cupcakes have been designed in different ways in the last decades, some of which are:cupcakes-690040_960_720

  • Butter finger cupcakes: Made with a touch of butter finger flavors and peanut butter frosting. Make for any occasion. Chocolate is sprinkled at the top to get the best treat.
  • The black cat cupcakes: Made for Halloween. A kind of cupcake with a shiny sugar surface and designed black cat to suit the occasion with a yellow candy to finish.
  • Tequila sunrise cupcakes: A cocktail idea for a cupcake. Has orange juice flavor with a little bit of tequila in both the cupcake and the frosting. Frosting can be any color of choice. Placing a slice of orange gives a perfect cocktail effect.
  • Apple butter cupcakes: Made with a delicious apple flavor for both cupcake and frosting. Creamy frost with cream cheese and apple butter.
  • Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cupcakes: It is not just the pumpkin flavor, it’s also the chocolate chips that make these cupcakes irresistible and make them stand out. It goes best with cream cheese frosting.

Icing and any other decorations for cupcakes are not a bad idea. Common cake ingredients like flour, butter, oil and sugar are normally used for all kinds of cupcakes. And then the flavors to be used may vary depending on the kind of cake. Baking is fast compared to baking most cakes.