Dietary cakes

People who practice various diets these days, either for religious or health reasons, of course do not want to leave out eating cakes. Because of this, special recipes have been made to satisfy this need. For anyone’s favorite cake, there are recipes that are perfect and harmless to make. They are also as delicious as any other cake. At times, when one is missing a particular ingredient, whether egg, milk, or flour, or don’t have the time to get to the store, making one of the cakes on this list could be a good idea.

Flourless cakarmeniadomaes

Flourless cakes are generally for people who are gluten intolerant, and in these cases, beans, rice or nuts are alternatives to flour. Examples include:

  • The Hazelnut torte
  • Orange cake

Egg free Cakes

All cakes are made without eggs, but tastes just as good. Generally for Vegans, some examples are:

  • Date loaf cake
  • Orange cake/Vegan orange cake
  • Vegan spice cake

Diary free cakes

It may seem impossible, but cakes can be made without milk and still have a great taste, and therefore can be eaten by anyone. Some of which Include:

  • Chocolate cake
  • Orange cake
  • Apple cake
  • The simple sponge cake

Healthy cakes

It is important to stick with healthy eating habits, especially when eating cakes. It is well known that excessive cholesterol levels can lead to heart diseases or even kidney diseases. Since no one wants to be left out when eating cakes, everyone who wants a healthy heart can eat healthy cakes like strawberry cakes, which is low in calories and fat, and therefore is quite healthy. This would also be a good option for weight watchers. Weight watchers don’t have to be afraid of eating cakes, however, have to minimize intake. The low fat cupcakes for instance, could contain 218 calories per cupcake and 3-6g of fat. Excessive intake will not be regarded as dieting for a weight watcher. Butter can sometimes be replaced with yogurt to make any cake a bit healthier.