Caking Tools

Some simple home utensils can be used when baking cakes, but it is better with specified cake baking tools, as they make baking easier. They are comfortable to use because they are designed for this purpose.

Decorating cakes is enjoyable, but requires accuracy. A well decorated cake carries with it aura and attitude. There are big and small tools meant for cake decorating. They all work together to give a superficial appearance in the end. Some notable ones are:

  • Cake pans:5979545211_953628a8a6_b

Modern cake pans are made to have creative designs. To get a desired shape and size, the cake pan used always matters. There are rectangular and round ones. While the rectangular cake pans are used to make cake bars, the round cake pans are specifically used to make layer cakes. Some are made of aluminum, while others are made of steel and other materials, but the most popularly used is the aluminum cake pan.

  • Turntables:

Makes decorating easier as it allows for easy movement when decorating. Decorating every side of the cake just by turning around the table when necessary.

  • Rolling pin: T

o flatten fondant and comes in different sizes.

  • Mixing bowl:

As the name implies, is for mixing ingredients. Both ingredients for baking and frosting needs comprehensive mixing.

  • Spatula:

Icing spatula is not like any other spatula. Plays an essential role in decoration, so can not be missing when decorating. Using icing spatula for any other reason than icing could give it a dent, and thereby causing a dent on the decoration.

  • Set of Piping bag:

Usually comes with a complete set of piping for different purposes.

Cake tools are in other words plentiful and, are increasing as the day goes by. Other useful tools include:

  • Cake scraper
  • Knives
  • Cake board
  • Paintbrushes, to make a fine and smooth surface
  • Fondant smoother

Some decorating tools are delicate, so should be cleaned and properly kept after use so as to be enjoyed on the next occasion.