Cake Designs and Decorations

To make a design on a cake involves using a vessel or pan that is shaped in the desired form before putting it in the oven. Making a cake does not only consist of the mixing and baking parts, but also includes the decorations. Just like painting on a board or designing on an object, cake decorating is an art. This art is done on cakes to give them their good looks. Cake decoration is quite easy and the beauty of a decoration depends on the creative mind of the decorator. Requires a lot of attention if the best result is to be achieved. Not all cakes are decorated, some cakes are good without decorations, but because of occasions people decide to decorate cakes. One important aspect of cake decoration is the coloring.


Edible colors are used in decorating cakes. It could be a colored sugar or sprinkler applied using decorating tools. This gives the cake a shiny and attractive surface. There are a few tips to picking cake color like:

  • Using fancy childish color if cake is for kids
  • Knowing an individuals favorite color or place if the cake is for an individual
  • If cake is for a particular occasion like for a casino wedding

Icing and frosting are two of the factors that give a cake its beauty. This involves coating cake with sugar. Edible flowers, fruits, nuts and candles can be used in place of frosting and icing. Sometimes, paper and plastic are used where other decorative items could not be used like the wedding cake topper. Plates are also a big part of cake decoration. Using plates that matches the cakes color gives it an elegant look. Staking cake in a creative pattern also has a lot to do with how attractive a cake looks. Cakes can also be carved, otherwise they take the shape of the container used to bake. Some people are so skilled in designing cakes, they earn a lot of money doing this job. A lot of money can also be won by learning blackjack strategy and applying it correctly.