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Welcome to 1066 Cake Stand, home of the Cake Club- a new monthly cake subscription service-

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Shelley and Kevin, proprietors.

Who We Are and What We Do

Shelley & Kev are two friends who run 1066 Cake Stand.  We are based in Hastings, 1066 Country, and started our business with a market stall or “Cake Stand.” After a while we decided that there was less weather inside, so we got ourselves a shop.

The shop also gave us the space to install 2 kitchens, a regular “wheaty” kitchen and a wheat and gluten free haven, which is where we make our gluten free cakes in an environment safe from accidental contamination. Both our kitchens are vegan, we use no egg, dairy, meat or honey so that more people can enjoy our goodies.

Cake Stand is a social enterprise.

Our Shop

We have a shop in Hastings, East Sussex. 82 Queens Road, TN34 1RL. Hastings is a lovely place to visit, full of seaside wonders, culture, more Morris sides than you can shake a stick at (see what we did there), and is very vegan friendly.

Opening Hours

11-3 Monday-Friday* 11-5 Saturdays* Closed Sundays and Bank Holidays.

* Get lucky, we are generally around 9-5 baking. If you pop by outside of our main opening hours feel free to ring the bell and we will come and see you if we can (our hands may be covered in cake goo, but we don’t mind if you don’t).

Accessibility: We have a temporary ramp, so if that would help with your access needs please ring the bell and we will put it down for you.

What’s in the shop?

Occasionally we run recipe workshops, pop up suppers or toddle off to fairs and festivals. Take a look at the menu below for more info.

Find our Shop

Phone us: 01424 532103

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Contact us:

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